Need guidance for my next step?

I'm in america and i'm american at the moment. Let me start by a random event that occured yesterday, and let me know if I am right that this is really unfair or not. All things aside yesterday I was at a baskin robbins and I ordered from my phone and I took first the coffee then the meal. At first I sat on the table which had empty food package and I finished my drink. The cashier dudes as well as customers at the store said what did you dooooo that garbageeee what have you done so I was like aite m8 i haven't done that i didn't order it Then I proceed on to buying food and I buy another thing and i really honestly was hungry and soon as I finish to get another thing I'm listening to music and the MAN again says that's garbage go freaking pick it up go its garbage and I said i was sitting there its not mine i never ordered it i have the order history in my phone and just then the other man cashier who made my food comes and says can you just leave?! then I proceed onto going on to a sandwich chain and i've legit ordered proper food and i'm waiting for 4 hours and the FREAKING cashier comes and says get out. then I turn around and I see him holding a BROOM STICK and there was a man drugged faint half dead and that INDIAN was POKING him with the stick he was doing something terrible to that man!!!! I'm just on here to know please tell me what's a productive step I can take to have food since i'm very unlucky right now and now apprehensive to eat alone. Please advise sumthn I posted in canada cuz i was born in ontario


Buyers remorse? You made your bed, now sleep in it. Wanted all that murikkkan green but not their culture eh?