Should Canadians build a wall too?

On the US Canada border.


Nah. I mean, how many Americans can even find Canada on a map?


Definitely! A wall against Trump supporters.


offcourse. American is so dangerous people


Make the US pay for it.


I don't think Mexico can afford 2 walls. And Canadian Citizens aren't stupid enough to think a wall would stop any one out. Lucky for us, Trump doesn't want to come here. So no wall needed.


High enough to keep the snow out for americans, and high enough to keep american gun crazies inside USA.


No. Once the Polar Bears eat their way southward due to global warming they'd swim around it.


Canada will be a Farsi-Mandarin polyglot mess, a wall would be nice.

New World Man

Ummm, there already is a fence on that boarder, put there shortly after 9/11


If they need or want a wall they should build one. I don't know their needs or desires. I do know that many of the US politicians opposing border control, national security and the wall actually supported these thing in the past. Or at least they pretended they did. You can look up videos and quotes and records of voting for it. Now we finally come to the point where someone who is serious is saying let's deal with this and they change their tune, they are backpedaling. If it's not a problem why did these politicians convince me it was a problem and then change their minds?

The 90 Year Old: Homeless, Unemployed, Virgin


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Our Prime Minister would never allow it because it would block all his illegal Muslim friends from getting in.

Jimmy C

Trump should build a wall there too, all 5,000 miles of it, because more illegal aliens come to the US from Canada than from Mexico. Trudeau just welcomes all the muslims who come in to Canada illegally from the US, so he does not care about walls. They walk in across the border illegally and he gives them free housing, food and benefits.