What’s stopping you from getting in ur car right this second and driving to Yellowknife, Northwest Territories?

To go on a spontaneous adventure. You could find the world ends or life could end and then you’ll never get to explore this scenario In your one short life.... that one night you listened to a YA poster got in your car, use charge cards, call in sick, bring your kids .... Anything in your power to do this last second spontaneous Canadian winter trip to Yellowknife! Start driving now Sunday evening Goooooo start the engine !!!

☣ - ₲ⱠɆ₦Đ₳ - ☣

What’s stopping me is the fact that I was there 2 Winters ago. And it get cold enough where I live now anyway.


Been there, done that.


I live in the Klondike, Yukon Territory, and, "you can't get there from here." Well, you can, but, you'd have to drive down to near Edmonton first, then drive up. Actually, Peace River (just north of Grande Praire). The trip is over 3000km, each way. As I am working the Yukon Quest, the big dog sled race in the first week of February, I'd need more time to make such a trip. Even if I wanted to. A 6100km drive would take me more than a week to do, especially in winter conditions.

Jay P

What's stopping me is I work Monday, have no desire to drive more than halfway across the 2nd largest country in the world, and even if I did want to visit Yellowknife, it would not be at the end of January.

Pearl L

inn out of work, i cant even afford a car


I have a dental appointment tomorrow.


The foot of snow we got here today. Traffic is a mess right now


The Atlantic ocean for a start.

Karen L

It's winter, is what.


Nah, there's enough snow in this part of Canada already. I don't have much desire to go any further north right now. It's probably quite pretty in the summer though.


3 ferry's to Manila. Then putting my vehicle on a ship. Next my vehicle would not be legal in Canada to drive. As no pollution controls like they require.


Not for me, that's just not a place that I would ever go to even on an adventure.


Bad health and lack of money. No job, no car, no phone.....