Am I right or wrong on my idea about why I should take a cruise to Europe?

My idea about taking a cruise vacation, with my life experience taken into consideration, is that a cruise ship has a set number of passengers onboard, the passengers don't change, and the number onboard doesn't increase nor decrease.. There is booze, gambling and there is live music aboard. And there are broom closet class tickets being sold for cheap. People think wow, you're on a cruise ship, you must be rich... lol not exactly. So I should be careful as to what kind of a cruise that I take... So I chose a cruise to Europe.


I've never encountered a "cheap" European cruise. The cheapest cruises are for a couple nights out of Florida to the Bahamas. They are also booze cruises, so hard pass for me. You can get deals on cruises, like $750 per person for a 7 night cruise on an RCL mega ship. They are also out of Florida. And in 15 cruises, I've never seen a "broom closet" cabin. There are smaller, interior cabins, which are indeed, cheaper, but they aren't tiny.


Not sure what your meandering "question" is asking. All cabins are bigger than a closet. A repositioning cruise, such as from the U.S. to Europe costs less than a cruise in Europe but you get fewer ports and have to pay to fly back. Yes the passengers on a single itinerary are the same all the way, but not sure why that would matter.


I'd fly to Europe then cruise there. Much more fun and nicer weather than an all ocean cruise. And the broom closets-- not bad- we had a 10 x 10 room interior on our cruise and would do it again, cheap and only in there to sleep and shower. Why pay $$$ for a larger room or with a view of water you can see on deck?

Elyse Rose

I think you should just take a trip to Uranus, and leave the cruise ships and Europe alone.


You haven't got the idea about asking questions have you?


Cruise can be an inexpensive way to take a vacation. However, if you have to fly to a port, that can double the expense, or more. A cruise "to" Europe only happens on the repositions cruises- ships that sail in the Caribbean in the winter go to Europe for the summer, and the cruise lines sell tickets for the journey across the Atlantic. But then you have to pay to fly home.

Rona Lachat

Am I right or wrong on my idea about why I should take a cruise to Europe? Not sure why you want on the cruise. You have described the basic process rather well Cunard might not like your adjective choice. you missed they have FOOD and lots of it. The only disadvantage to long cruises is not as much time for time in port during your travels. The weather on some not as nice for the on deck outside things.

Guru Hank

Be careful you make sure your cheap tickets are not on one that has been booked up by some religious group on its way to the 'Holy Land'. Winter cruises in the Caribbean attract a younger crowd.