Cruise Travel?

Are there any cruises for minors (15 yr old) doing tour trips through Europe during winter? With the child traveling alone, and legal parental permission?


As a teenager I am sure you haven't figured this out yet, but the answer does not change the more times you ask. There are escorted tours available to High School Students through Europe, but none of them are cruises. They are also very expensive. There isn't a company that will allow a 15 year old to travel unaccompanied on a cruise.


Still no, same as yesterday. You need to ask 12.037 more times before the answer becomes "yes".


Same as yesterday, NO


What part of NO, NONE, do you fail to understand? But keep asking and maybe you can understand NO someday.


None whatsoever. You must be 21 to book in most instancs


Generally, most cruises won't allow a minor to occupy a cabin without an adult present. Besides, it's not safe for a teenager to travel to Europe without an adult to travel with for safety.

Max Hoopla



Not sure about Europe. Cruise ships based in the USA you have to be at least 21 to get your own cabin. I believe rental cars are the same.


Most hotels won't rent rooms to people under 21, let alone a 15 year old. The definition of insanity is repeating an identical action expecting a different outcome. In your case, it's asking an identical question, expecting a different answer. Are you just bored?


How can a ship cruise go through Europe?