Hey, I’ve always wondered something. Could carnival get in big trouble if they named one of their ships “Titanic.” Would it be a good idea?

Carnival cruise new ship

Rona Lachat

They can name a ship whatever they desire. Passenger may or may not wish to board. It would get the attention of the "ship" world of travel. Some would be positive and some negative. The cost to Carnival company of negative consequences should a bad thing happen on board would be really high. In this cell phone world it is reasonable to assume there would be cameras monitoring just about everything the ship does 24 hours a day from multiple angles.


Not big trouble but not a good idea.

Wayne T

That won't happen.


No, there would be a huge negative connotation. It'd be like naming your kid "Adolph".

Den B7

Big trouble... no. Just like there's probably ton's of sailboats named Sally.


I think that name is already owned.


I suspect ship names are much like trademarks, and are registered to a specific company. If Carnival wanted to use the name, they would have to buy it.


I don't think you can only use a name once.