Do I need to take cash on a four day cruise to Cozumel?

Or can I just use my debit or credit card for everything?


You can use your CC in most larger establishments in Cozumel, but if you want to haggle or make purchases from smaller shops, cash is king


And for almost all debit cards and credit cards, they will charge you a foreign currency transaction fee every time you use the card.


On the ship, you don't need cash or a credit card. There will be a card tied to your Sign and Sail card, and you'll pay for everything on the ship with that. In port, you may need some money to pay for taxis, food and drink. You can take cash, or you can use an ATM card to get money out in pesos when you get there.


We may be going on the same cruise...are you going February 20-24 or whatever? Anyways, I was told that if I'm going to use my debit card at all, to inform my bank before I left the country so they know. I recommend you doing the same unless you just want to bring cash.

Max Hoopla

You will need to pay cash for purchases off the ship.


Not a debit card. Can’t use cash on board