Does anyone have any good suggestions for well-regarded freighter cruises?

This year my husband & I will be graduating from a university near Hong Kong & I d like to not fly back to the states. We ve been considering a freighter cruise instead. I have had trouble finding details of any online though.


If you think you are going to get 5 star treatment you are kidding yourself. You're gonna get a cabin and that's it. no amenities. Remember, carrying passengers is not their priority.

Rona Lachat

As you are NEAR Hong Kong I guess it must be impossible to contact Freight Agents near the Harbour and ASK. Took me less than a minute to find this USA (W) - CHINA (CMA CGM ) Hong Kong (Far East) - Long Beach (North America) Approx 17 Nights, From only €2330pp Xiamen, Nansha, Hong Kong, Yantian, Long Beach, Xiamen (41 days roundtrip) Vessel: CC Lyra 11400 TEU Double and single cabins available


No such animal as a well regarded freighter cruise. You are in the way of the crew and the amenities make a Deployment to Afghanistan seem posh


There are websites which have information It seems you have to book months in advance and it isn't cheap.