Do I have enough time to get to the airport?

Cruise ship docks at eight am in Galveston. Plane leaves at noon from Houston Hobby.


Cutting it pretty close. You don’t just walk off a ship as soon as it docks. And you have more than an hour’s drive to Houston. If it were me Ineould book a later flight.


You should be able to make it - either self disembark or notify the cruise line that you need early disembarkation time

Max Hoopla

That depends on how you plan to travel.


You need to self disembark and have transportation waiting for the 60-90 minute drive. And if there is a fog delay, forget it

Rona Lachat

Plane leaves at Noon You are expected at the check in area about 2 hours before departure, it takes almost an hour get from Dock to check in counter. AFTER ship docks you will probably need a stop for a Customs check the line wait can be a few minutes if you are at the front or an hour if you are not first off. It takes about 30 minutes after docking before passengers get off. You MIGHT make it. Not a very good idea to plan for it. Book the later flight. IF you should make it to the Airport early enough most of the time IF there is room you can change to the earlier flight at no charge. Missing your flight does not get you a next flight out ticket.


yes, its about 45 mins away up I45.