I'm not interested in work or in knowledge of the world. All I want is to travel around the world and go on pleasure cruises. Anything wrong?



If you've got the money, go for it. It won't be cheap.


Sounds good to me. Wish I had the means. Power to you if you can do it.

El Nerdo Loco

If you've got the funds, no. But work and knowledge are your best bets for ever having the kind of money it takes to enjoy even a little of that kind of life.


I have a similar desire. I don't want to work but I want a free house, food, and a really expensive car. I have about as much chance of that as you do traveling around the world on pleasure cruises. That said, I know people who travel the world with very little money. They arrange to work on farms, in restaurants, hotels, and that sort of thing in exchange for a little money, food and board. One of my friend's kids spent 2 months in Europe this past summer doing exactly that.

Chi girl

Hope you're independently wealthy.


If I could afford it I would too


I dont wanna work too,but i need food and drink to survive


It's a nice thing to do. But unless you're fairly wealthy, it's unlikely to be an option. Most people have to work in order to afford luxuries such as travel.


silly babble. conspicuous consumption.

Corvus Blackthorne

Not as long as you have the money to do so.

Max Hoopla

Have a nice day.




No nothing wrong with that.




Not hard to do. With little work. Just be the one willing to go were no one else wants to go for the company. They always have some place in the world for you to go were bullets are flying. & see to needs. Also takes a little knowledge. But not a bad life. Just short life expectancy.


I'm the opposite. I don't see any point in living if there's no work to do:/ Joblessness makes me feel sick and useless :(


Stay dumb and ignorant then, idiot! and stay home! The "world" doesn't want your kind.