Cruise check in question?

For the Royal Caribbean, what does the question "Will you be in the U.S. for longer than 8 hours after departing the ship?" mean? Sorry for sounding dumb... Oh yeah, I depart from Port Canaveral, FL and we're going to the Bahamas.


It means will you be departing the US for a foreign destination within 8 hours. In other words, is this just a short layover in the US or a longer stay.


Looking for foreigners who are staying in the U.S. after the cruise vs leaving immediately.


Are you a U. S. citizen? If yes then I don't understand that either and I have been on several cruises. I'd answer yes or give them a call and see just what this question means.


Without knowing your itinerary, it sounds like the ship is stopping at a port in the U.S. So, after you get off the ship at that port, will it be more than 8 hours before you get back on the ship?

Max Hoopla

Are you flying immediately back to Canada or not?