Carnival Cruise Metro PCS question ?

Has anyone ever used A Metro PCS phone account on a Carnival Cruise ? I needed to make an Important conference call while Im at Sea going towards Aruba, Grand Turk, and Curacao. Does anyone know If I have to pay additional charges and If I do, will the call actually go through while im at Sea ? Does the Cruise have phones available for me to call back to the U.S. while Im at Sea ? This is my first Cruise.


Your best bet is to pay for a wifi plan on the ship. You can usually buy a certain number of minutes. Then you can make the call on wifi. I don't even know if the phones will work at sea- I always put mine on airplane mode, and it doesn't usually show a signal available until I'm in port- but the roaming charges would be enormous. They have a phone in the office for emergencies, but I don't think they normally let passengers use it. I know because a friend got a call that way when her fiance died suddenly.


Some grades of cabin have phones, but you'd have to make a ship to shore call which is expensive. You can also arrange to use roaming on your cell phone, but this service is an expensive onboard extra. You'll still have to pay a premium to call back to the US, or anywhere from the ship but yes, you can call whilst at sea.

Max Hoopla

You will pay about $2 per minute. For the same price you can use the phone in your cabin.