Juul in cruise underage?

So I am going on a cruise in a few weeks with my parents and I want to bring my juul on the cruise I am just worried about going through the metal detector I don’t want them to take it out I’m trying to hide it from my parents so will it go off or will they take it out of my bag?


I guess you are going to be busted. If you are old enough to have it, grow up and tell your parents.

Max Hoopla

You will have to explain to mom and dad why you are spending time in the cancer ward because you can't smoke anything except there.


Airport security doesn't care about your Juul. You could have a carton of Camel no-filters and a pint of Jack and they wouldn't care. They are looking for bombs, and to a lesser extent, drugs. Put it in your bag, as it would set off the metal detector. Ship security doesn't care about the Juul either, but they would take the pint of Jack. One thing to keep in mind, you can't vape wherever you want on the ship, they have smoking areas. Granted, you aren't likely to get busted for taking a hit while walking around outside, but don't think you can do it anywhere. As for underaged vaping, again, the ship people don't care. I suppose if they saw a 9 year old smoking they might say something. If you look old enough, you can even drink, as long as someone else buys it for you, and they aren't sharing a drink package. Cruise lines care more about people sharing drink packages than they do underaged drinking. I'd buy a bucket of beers and my 16 and 18 year old kids would have a couple. Some might say that makes me a bad dad, but they are now both college grads and rarely drink, so I guess it didn't mess them up. And when you are on the islands (assuming you are going to the Caribbean), no one is going to bust you for vaping. But maybe it's time your parents knew. They are most likely going to find out anyway.


underage vaping is illegal in most countries.