Disembark time on carnival cruise?

Hi! My mom and I will be cruising with carnival in May on the Sensation. The ship returns back to port from the trip at 8 o’clock am, the issue here is our flight from delta was moved to a quite a bit earlier time than when we purchased the flight. The flight now leaves at 12 o’clock noon. Has anyone had any experience with an early flight on disembarkation day? I know you can self disembark in carnival for early flight purposes but I don’t know if I’ll be cutting it too close. I contacted carnival about this ahd they were no help at all and kept insisting that their airport transfers were available for purchase. Very frustrating, they didn’t listen to my issue. Just looking for some helpful insight or advice on how to handle this before going through the trouble to change flights. Thank you in advance!


If Delta changed the time of the flight, have your mother contact Delta and see about getting a later flight. there shouldn't be any change fee because Delta made the flight change.


Are you flying out of MIA or FLL? I've gone on many cruises and I wouldn't worry. 12pm is the earliest I would comfortably book a flight so you should be fine. You would just have to notify the cruise line of your flight change and either self disembark or request an early disembarkation time

Rona Lachat

GUESS WHAT every other passenger wants off to get to their flights TOO. Suggest you first see if you can get a better time for your flight. There is more than one Airport The clerk dealing with your phone call CANNOT guarantee the traffic to Airport or the MINUTE you get off ship. Shuttle buses depart when full not every minute. Many can make it. There is no Guarantee you can.Crap happens between ship dock and Airport. like a traffic accident that slows stuff up. Self disembark is fastest and YOU HAUL all your stuff You request an EARLY spot to disembark It takes a few hours to get everyone off the ship. WARNING others also request it. You might not get it. You do your part by being ready EARLY to get off. No need for last minute breakfast or packing your stuff. GET YOUR STUFF to the required place EARLY. GET UP early Have breakfast early BE READY early. Hundreds of others are doing the same thing. A FEW thousand others are behind you. The ship personal have no control over how long the security line is at the Airport. Shall we all guess if you also need to do a Customs stop for your INTERNATIONAL cruise? The ship does not tell Customs how fast to move the line. Getting OFF does not start the Minute the ship docks.At least 30 minutes is normal to get stuff set up for the passengers to get off. You might make it. You are pushing the limits. THERE ARE NO GUARANTEES. If you miss your flight you do not get next flight out you get next available seat could be days later. DO NOT expect a free Hotel while you wait. As you have not said WHERE on the Planet you are getting off ship No one can guess travel time to Airport Check in counter. No one can guess if a Taxi is available the minute you get to the pick up place or you wait five minutes. Some decide it is just a lot easier to plan a day at get off place and fly the next day. See what other flights you may be able to change to. DO THAT NOW. As you are flying off to mystery place no idea what possibilities exist for you from the closest Airport or the next one down the road. NO ONE can guess how many minutes it will take you to walk from ship to customs to your Airport ride At least 30 minutes could be an hour two depending on Customs. Time from Miami Cruise ship port to Airport is 15-30 minutes by taxi, An hour or more by bus.Remember the bus does depart every minute. You MIGHT make it. NO GUARANTEES. you will.


Typically, you put your bags in the hall the last night of the cruise. Your bags are then taken to the terminal, where you collect them. The fastest way to get off the ship is to NOT put your bags out, and carry them off yourself. IT's a pain, as the elevators are pretty full, so you either wait for the elevator, or carry them down the stairs. Assuming this is a Miami or Lauderdale based cruise, noon isn't a bad time. If you "walk off", you can get to the airport in plenty of time. I've had flights as early as 10:45, and while I was stressed out, we made it in plenty of time. Also, get the "mobile passport" app for your phone. I know it works in Miami, I think it works in Lauderdale. That can greatly speed up the time you need to get through customs.