How long does it take to disembark at the home port from a cruise ship?



It depends... If your ship has the ability to do "Early Departure" you can be one of the first off, and be off and through customs in probably 15-20 minutes after they start disembarkation. However, with this there is generally no luggage assistance and you need to take off all of your bags on your own. After that the people with higher priority are allowed off first, and depending on the size of the ship everyone is off in about 90 minutes to 2 hours.


about an hour

Barkley Hound

A couple of days before arrival you will receive a form where you indicate your ongoing travel. The ship then schedules your departure time within about a three hour window.

Travels Mantra

To disembark all passengers from a cruise ship takes a few hours. From the time your group is called, you can be off the ship in 15 minutes


We had to wait about 2 hours while people on the lower decks disembarked.

Den B7

3 hours


It depends. If you "walk off", which means you are carrying your bags with you, you can be off in a matter of minutes. If you are have the "mobile passport" app on your phone, you can clear customs quickly also. I've been off the ship and into a cab on the way to the airport in as little as twenty minutes. The worst was when there was a dockworker strike in Greece. We didn't talk off, so we had to go find our bags on the pier. Even then, I'd say we were off and in a cab in under an hour. That said, even though it's never taken my more than on hour on 15 cruises, you can't count on it, particularly now with trump's shutdown.

Max Hoopla

It takes about three hours to clear the ship.