Norwegian cruise line: Breakaway?

How is it? Is there a certain dress code for dining? Is there any “free” drinks without the drink package? (like on Carnival they had water and lemonade throughout the boat) Can you bring alcohol off the boat like back home? Two friends want White Hennessy and I heard you can only bring 1 drink back? Do you recommend buying it on the boat or at the ports? Thanks!

Karen L

Maybe the cruise line's website can answer some of those questions. Have you looked there?


Most cruise lines have a formal night. Some people really get dolled up and wear tuxedoes. I'm not one of those people. I hate carrying a sports coat as it takes up a lot of room. Typically, dress pants and a dress shirt are sufficient, and a nice dress or other nice outfit for women. Many frequent cruisers don't bother with formal night, and just eat at the buffet. There are no "free" drinks, there are complementary drinks. All cruise lines will have tea, coffee, and usually fruit punch, lemonade, and that sort of thing included in your cruise fare. NCL allows you to bring wine or Champagne at the point of embarkation. Most cruise lines limit this to 2 bottles per state room. You can't bring liquor. If you want to take it to dinner, they will charge a $15 corkage fee. You can buy booze in ports, but you have to Surender it when you return to the ship. They will mark it, store it, and return it to you the final night of the cruise. The only place you can buy white Hennesy that I know of is on cruise ships. Ship prices for booze are really good, again, you buy it, it will be stored, and returned to you the final night. As for how much you can take, I've bought 6 bottles of rum in port. I told customs and they just waved me through. I always buy at least 2 bottles of scotch on the ship, and I've never paid duty on them. That said, if you DON'T declare it, and are caught, they will charge you for sure. And even if you have to pay duty, it's negligible. Similarly, you can get a carton of cigarettes for less than half the price they cost in the US. I would buy two when I smoked. I don't smoke now but I'll buy a carton for my kid's girl friend.