Oasis of the sea cruise casino?

I know that you have to carry an id on you at all times on the oasis of the sea cruise. however can you use another form of id (faked) instead of the cabin card to enter the casino and claim winnings. The id will say i'm 19 but in reality i'm going to miss the 18 cut off date by 2 months. please help i'm not a gambling addict, just want to have a fun time.


It doesn't matter how close you are to the age limit, it's still illegal to use a fake ID and to gamble underage. They very likely have good people checking the IDs; I haven't been on that ship, but they have done much more than just glance at my ID on the other ships I've been on. In addition, if you win anything significant, you have to complete paperwork, and your true age will be revealed. I don't think it's worth the possible trouble. There are plenty of other ways to have fun on a cruise ship.

Roger K

I suspect that the people checking IDs are quite good at spotting fakes. You better look i to what the penalties are for trying to gain access with a fake ID - they might be rather unpleasant and possibly expensive. Your reasons for wanting access are irrelevant.


If they catch you it will result in you being put off the ship to return home at your own expense. Is it really that important to gamble?


No - using an ID other than your SeaPass card to do what you propose will raise a huge red flag. I'm sure your family would be quite perturbed at you when you are all disembarked at the next port of call to find your own way home...…..


Won't work- they will require the cruise ID for everything. You don't even carry cash- everything goes on the cruise cards.


No. The on,y thing you can use on board is the sign and sail card, which has your age verified via the birth certificate or passport you use to get on board


They check your passport, or do you think you can forge that?


I've never seen anyone check IDs in a cruise ship casino, however, if they suspect you are underage, they aren't going to check your license, they are going to scan your sea pass card, which will reveal your age.


Not a gambling addict, but a big lier. A false ID! Peace.