How Greek am I?

My mums parents were born in Greece, my dads parents were born in Greece, both my parents were born in Australia and so was I. Does that make me half Greek?

Karen L

You are a citizen of Australia, of 100% Greek descent. Half-something is when one parent is, say, Greek and the other is Swedish


Yes and you will become more Greek when you take up with Greek Culture but first you've got to learn the history of the most loved and famous country and people on Earth - Hellas - upon which Western Civilization is based. No other people (the Greeks) have given us so much. Start here and discover just how advanced the Classical Greeks were. I'm now going to tell you a story which is not widely known. It concerns the Nazi take over of the city of Athens. The Nazis ordered an Athenian (Warrior) soldier to go up on top of the Parliament Building and take down the Greek flag. The soldier went up to the top of the building, wrapped the Greek flag around his shoulder and threw himself off to his death. I do not know that Athenian Warrior's name but I want you to keep this true story in mind. Remember this quote by Perecles of Athens "Freedom is the sure possession of those alone who have the courage to defend it." Parios - Mikis Theodorakis in the room


If you have the greek nationality ("passport") you are LEGALLY greek. If Greek is a native language of yours, you are ETHNICALLY greek. If neither apply, you are OF GREEK DESCENT There's no such thing as "half" in this matter

Isaac Hunt

No , you are Greek.


No Coke Pepsi


Are their names Athanasiou or something similar? If they are like Garcia, that is Spanish. Jancik would be Czech, similar to Molotov would be Russian. If Molotov married Garcia, and even if both were born in Greece, you would not be Greek. These are some Greek names: Dimitriou Doukas Drakos Drivas Drivas Dukas Economides Economos Economou Eliades Elias Eliopoulos Floros Fotopoulos Fotos Frangos Gabris Galanis Galanos Galatas So if your parents had such a last name, you would be Greek.

L. E. Gant



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