Why and how does Europe look so much more beautiful (naturally) than the USA does? (Talking about just natural landscape)?

I mean just coming to the British shores is just awe inspiring, it is almost like you are entering a magical world. but I even read that the first immigrants to the United States thought it looked dull and dreary and depressing even, why?


The eastern seaboard of the USA is flat and featureless.


i think the usa is beautiful too, not just europe


Ain’t nothing wrong with North Dakota


It just does


The grass is always greener on the other side!

boy boy

im from the uk ..travelled to 36 states ..i found every state excellent to travel to ..its a great country ..was even better before trump

Karen L

Since beauty is subjective, this is a silly question. Someone else might well have a different opinion of which one is more beautiful. You'd both be right and you'd both be wrong.