How often would the plaque be scraped off the Queen’s teeth at the gum line, to prevent her teeth rotting out of her gums?

Who is the royal dentist who would do this scraping? Or does a lady’s maid servant wash and scrape the Queen’s teeth?


There is a surgeon-dentist attached to the royal household. For many years Sir Nicholas Sturridge looked after the Queen's teeth, but how many of those are still her own is a matter for conjecture.


Why are you so obsessed with the Queens teeth.


Idiot, she takes care of her teeth herself, and has annual check ups.


Such an odd question. The ONLY answer would be WHO KNOWS - or even more, who NEED to know!!


I would be more interested to know who is scraping the plaque off her soul

Clo G.-B.

Poor trolling. The Queen has a dentist and dental hygienist. She goes as often as is recommended.


Britain has the National Health System which covers dental care for everyone including the Queen. Americans who cannot afford health care have rotten teeth, not the British.


Queens didn't eat sugar until Queen Elizabeth's, whos just turned black.