If Europe is becoming Islamic, where am I supposed to live? I dont want to live in America where daily life is boring and cynical?

Is Russia a good substitute? 😰

Orla C

Troll alert.


Russia has a large Islamic population. Tatars, Bashkirs, etc along with America's popularized Chechens. 6 1/2% or about 10 million Muslims live in Russia. We live with Muslim, Jewish, Christian, atheist, etc neighbors. Only America seems to be a cracking tower (device where petroleum is heated and light fuels go to the top, Diesel just below, heavy oils at the bottom and tar at the very bottom-implying American society is more stratified than mixed), not the melting pot hoped for. Sadly, you can't just pop-over to Russia as you could to Texas (whyever the hell anyone would do THAT but just an example). You may get a student visa and if you are a desirable person, Russia will accept you. It is like BrainDrain in USA. If you are educated, from India, a doctor perhaps, a Green Card will easily be yours. If you are a lower caste, HAHAHAHAHA unless you marry a Rich Businessman. You can "marry into" Russia, too. Girls here are quite nice BTW. The cold weather is not that bad, really.


Sweetie, Europe isn't becoming Islamic. If you think otherwise, you know little about it. Having lived there and as someone who travels there for weeks at least twice a year, I can assure you of that. You can't just decide to live somewhere. They have to accept you. Try Japan, but I think I can pretty much assure you that they won't take you. They think westerners are inferior beings.


Europe is not becoming islamic