Are the paris riots over yet?

There s a trip to Paris scheduled Monday-Tuesday next week and it will be cancelled if the riots continue. Is it safe to go? Will they start again?

The Rainbow Child

They're not over yet, but they tend to take place on Saturdays. I think you will be fine to go on your trip, just avoid large gatherings of people.




deth to usa u can not protest/riot like this. u will never hav free healthcare/colege

Rona Lachat

The French riot on a regular basis. It is not very hard to avoid the place that has rioters. They have not yet taken over entire cities. Cancel your trip if you want. Most are enjoying the extra stuff like seasonal decorations and lights at this time of year.


Rioters will be mixed among the peaceful demonstrators ( true Yellow Jackets*), but only very downtown. Just stay in another side of Paris. Many of them have been arrested lately too. * True Yellow Jackets are never hidden behind masks, scarfs, helmets, etc...


Yes.the French leader backed down on the proposed taxes on fossil fuels for now . So there shouldn’t be any more riots for that reason for forseeable future


Riots or not, Paris is never "safe". The level of petty theft is very high and the police do not care.