What's the deal with Prince Phillip driving around?

I mean, doesn't he have someone to run errands on his behalf? Or is it the case that he just likes to go out for a drive?


He has always liked to drive himself whenever possible.


They like to do the driving when they’re on their own estates in Balmoral or Sandringham.


They all drive themselves at home. Chauffeurs are for formal occasions. They use Jeeps at home.

Clo G.-B.

He wants to drive himself around and he has done so for decades when he wasn't performing official duties.


He likes to drive. The Queen rides a horse without a helmet. Who is going to tell either of them no?


He probably loves driving and does not want to give it up as it’s his independence. My Father In Law was the same. It’s a sense of pride too that comes into it.


Yes he does have people to do anything he wants, he just doesn't want to admit that you should not be driving a car at 97.


He was driving to get away from the queen who had been getting too frisky wanting him to mount her

Baron Clownish

He likes to keep his hand in.


He is after creating and collecting roadkill, which he loves to feed to his guests.


He probably enjoys driving. But at 97, he shouldn't be driving.


Maybe he was making a break for it?


They’ve probably all got the flu

Sir Prince Kenny

I think it's something to do with that stubby little gear stick, it reminds him of something that he can't quite put his finger on...what? WHAT?