Does the immigrant crisis in Paris affect your expirience at all when traveling there? Why or why not?

*and other European cities This isn’t fair! I never went to Europe besides Serbia and Croatia! I finally have the chance to travel and now it’s too late. I love history and geography but never got to amplify it, and that I can I can’t. What should I do?


Are you just going to keep asking this question over and over again until somebody agrees with your racist and ill-informed ramblings?


Currently there is not an immigrant crisis. The peaceful demonstrations are for protest against the bankster Macron ( ex bankster at Rothschild bank in N. York), who takes money from the poor for give it to the richest. Ex: he removed the income tax for richest people, but kept the one for middle classes and less rich people. Then he regularly adds taxes, + increased the one on the gaz, fuel, etc.... Short: Macron is disliked here, since he works only for richest people! Like we say here: '' Macron démissionne ! '' = Macron resign! About the riots, they only are from some young imbeciles ( all nationalities /skin colors),who came only for ruin the peaceful demonstrations ( I talked more up), and break everything, burn cars, etc....


Yes, I used to visit Paris every year but now I rarely visit in last 5 years.


Not at all - - never wanted to go there, even before it was overrun by communists & towelheads.