I gave a girl I have a crush on a keychain I bought in Paris France... out of curiosity, what do you think she feels/thinks?

I went to Paris France for a month on vacation 2 years ago, I brought back a lot of suvenoirs and I started taking to a girl I really like. So I gave her a keychain I brought back from Paris France. I filled her in my Paris France experience. How do you think she feels or thinks of me doing that? Will she get the hint I like her?


"Will she get the hint" is how people remain lonely their whole lives. Be an adult.

Orla C

She probably already knows you like her, but have you asked her?


I think only herself knows what she thinks about you. Anyway to give something that is nice to someone, usually makes this person think he / her is appreciated.


nothing, those things can be bought on the internet