Why do people who have never been to France nor know any French people - hate France and French people?



It's kind of a pastime for certain Americans. Y'know, baseball, apple pie, Chevrolet and hating the French (they learned it from the English). Of course most Americans, bless their hearts, don't really pay attention to anything that happens outside of the USA, but they've heard on rumor that French people are socialists, and that's bad. Really bad.

Orla C

Because they listen to idiots who went there without learning about French etiquette or manners.

boy boy

i built in france ..close to perpignan ...the people are wonderful ..just like the uk 50 years ago ..polite ..no stealing ..kids play in the street ...no drunks ..whats not to like?

Catherine: It's called

It's called: Prejudices .. Thus certain people decide a nation and its people are bad, only based on their imagination and / or what they heard. This type of persons don't take into account the reality, only what other people think or what they imagined themselves. They also refuse to make their own opinion. By traveling for example, for meet the people they heard they are bad. Sad ....


they are fed hate from con media


because only ignorant people would says that. France is a beautiful place with happy people


They think France is still white France


It's easier to keep prejudices when they aren't challenged. So the people who do not have any contact with French people are the ones that are the most likely to have prejudices.


I don't know anybody like that.


French people have the reputation of always complaining and going on strike, disliking American influences on their culture (can't blame them for that) and being rude to tourists. France itself has an over-inflated sense of its own importance in the world.