France is 100 percent white. True?

Paris is an all white city. You will NEVER see a black or brown person there. And ALL French people have pink skin and blue eyes.


we all know, that's not true.

John P

No country in the world id 100% white, if you mean "white skinned". And France, as with other countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea (Italy, Spain, Greece, former Yugoslavia, etc), has over the centuries had much contact with North Africa, which has people of various skin tones from very pale brown to almost black. Thus there has been an interchange of population in that whole area. Several units of the French army have many black soldiers. Just to shock you out of your complacency, note that one of the Roman emperors was a black North African.

Orla C

No, not true. Paris is multi-coloured and wonderfully diverse.


Only when the whole country is completely snowbound which is extremely rare. The rest of the time snow only covers high mountains and the landscape is quite varied depending on what crops are grown or if it is forested. Townscape is quite colourful too due to the varied materials used for roofs and the shades of paint people choose for exterior walls and the gardens which a lot of small houses have.


Even hundreds of years ago there were people of colour living in France.


Exactly! Like the US is 100 % white!





Le Café

Unlikely to be True in the year of 2019.... Record pour le Louvre: plus de 10 millions de visiteurs


Suspect you KNOW that is NOT so..France had an Empire so is multi cultural...


You are so lucky, must be paradise. You are so privileged not having to deal with these people who hate you and destroy your peace and peace of mind. Who wants to live around a bunch of gangsters like in the US. This place is $hit.


False. France has loads of dark skinned people. Algeria used to be a French colony and because of that there's loads of people with Algerian origins in France.


No its basically islamabad now


You clearly haven't been to France