Hunting: My grandpa is moving in with us?

Hey guys. It’s Gary’s 19 year old son! I think he told you guys, but my grandpa had a bad stoke on December 23rd, and went to the hospital on Christmas Eve. He is finally being discharged from the hospital today, and will stay at a nursing home until next week, then he will be staying with us for some time


Fraud, fake, total liar. You're still pretending to be something you're not, you're still making up stories seeking attention. You've got 3 dozen accounts that you manipulate. It's time to move out of mommy and daddies house and get a job, pay your own bills and grow up.


Strokes are dangerous and need banning.


Dude, is Gary still molesting you?


I smell something fishy Steve. Two weeks ago Fed X ran over your son's basketball. You wanted to know if you could sue. All at once you're nineteen, and living with your dad I assume with your infant outdoor basketball playing son. This is why no one on YA believes anything connected to, related to, referred to or subservient to Gary.


Grandpas are very dangerous.