Is it still safe to go Paris in the year end?

I already booked flight to Paris in the year end however the protest has been getting worse...should I still go?


I wouldn't go


Don’t go there! Paris is unsafe! You know ISIS may attack (it is likely that they will since there are a lot of people now for Christmas). Paris is one horrible, ugly, shitty, unsafe and overrated place. Do not go there. Do not go to France. France is hell. You can go to Finland instead or Norway, or Iceland. These countries are among the safest and the best countries for Christmas. This was asked 2 weeks ago, I am a bit late, but I hope you haven’t gone to Paris. Well, if you have, please be careful.

Orla C

You don't have to go to Paris, you could go to another French city. I would still go in support of the protesting French citizens.


Yes, but avoid to be close Elysée Palace on the Saturday.


This one is going to last a while...they want the current President out of office. The protests are only occurring in parts of that large city, but a number of the attractions for tourist have been closed to protect them, and when they will be open is an unknown right now.

don r

bon voyage, trou du cul