Is there a reason why Donald Trump is more popular in France than Emmanuel Macron?



They don’t know him. Its a case of the grass is greener


Sure kid. The French loved Hitler too.

Orla C

He is? That's really surprising.

SSP Bowl Dude

Trump can't raise taxes on French gasoline.


Trump is not liked here in France, believe me!.. !o! .. At least no more than E. Macron the ' King ' of France ( since he behaves like that). I you refer the fact that Trump said lately that in France the Yellow Jackets were ' chanting ': We want Trump' in a video, you need to know it was not made in France but in UK instead: Not only in France we speak French but too, the policeman/woman we see in it are clearly ' bobbies ' and the French police is not dressed like that = doesn't wear this type of uniform. Here is the video:


He's not. And I don't know where you got the idea that he is. I know people in France- they think Trump is a joke.

The Lord Humungus.

Likely it has something to do with the French love for slapstick comedy and Jerry Lewis.