Suppose France rescinds taxation that pays for medical care so everyone can pay for it themselves. Would the protesters be satisfied?

Catharine: It is about all taxes, not only the fuel tax. The same is true in most countries including the USA. The rich are richer and the poor and middle class are poorer. France under Macron is trying to reform the social welfare system.

The Football God

Where do people get off thinking they are owed something for free? Freedom does not mean you never pay for something.

Rona Lachat

IF France were to reduce taxes and then reduce medical care. A completely new group of protesters would be out on the streets.a very large one France does have both public and private hospitals just like the USA. does. Everything is not Free in France for Health care. Most French have additional private insurance to the public plan.funded by all. The US system is well known around the world as being over priced.about twice as expensive per person than the public private system of France. the public taxes portion is about the same in both countries.. The private insurance spending per person is more than triple in the USA.compared to France. About 11 % of France's economy is medical stuff.In the USA it is 17% of the economy. the portion direct from your pocket about 2.3% in France 8,8% in USA that is of the nations total spending on everything. GDP for the economists and number cruncher. source KAISER foundation.based in San Francisco. The rich are richer and the poor and middle class are poorer.VERY TRUE The rich in the USA are just extremely rich and the poor extremely poor. the average in the middle are better off in France. You will not like what the minimum standard holiday pay is in France after one year of work. 5 weeks per year and additional time if you work more than 35 hours per week.add to that 11 special holiday days USA has no minimum on average they get two weeks off per year plus 8 days for public holidays. more after 5 years after 20 years you might get 4 weeks plus 8 days. How much is a paid week off work worth to your health? The USA average person does not do very well. compared to other countries. The one percent in USA do much better than other countries.not difficult to look up the statistics.

Orla C

Hell, no. But they could make corporations pay more tax, and very rich people.

Le Café

peut-être... Le taux de chômage français élevé.... Présentation officielle billets de 100 et 200 euros


The problem is not about that. Only against Macron who added a new tax on fuel / gas already taxed at 60% Also against the fact he makes sure rich people are richer and poor people and middle classes poorer. ◘ Update: Flower, it's the one about the fuel / gas, that that triggered the conflicts in the streets. That is because of people need their cars for work more and more, since the bankster Macron takes our money! 60% of tax on the fuel / gas price is ALREADY HUGE, but Macron never has enough money and not for the reason he said ( supposedly: climate)...