If you have 11 hours layover in Munich, would you visit Berlin during the layover?

I mean to take the plane to Berlin, spend a few hours in Berlin, and then take the plane back to Munich for your connecting flight. Does this sound like a good idea?

Orla C

You wouldn't have the time. Berlin is too far away. You could visit Munich city centre for a few hours if you wanted, but realistically speaking you'd only have about 6 hours because you'd have to go back through security checks again, which can be time-consuming.


That's your choice, but seems more reasonable and feasible to do sight-seeing in Munich.

Simpson G.

Goodness no. I’d much rather spend my day in Munich or around Munich. I’d buy a good tourbook and download a walking tour. Allow and hour to get from MUC to the main train station (or back) and stroll through the English Garden, sit in some of the historic beer halls, visit a museum...


If you have a lot of energy, maybe. But most people (and you don't use cocaine, of course, right?) don't have that kind of energy. Munich is a very interesting city in itself. Spend the time (the airport is less than an hour away by bus, and less by train) there instead.


No, its too far.


Way too far apart for my taste. Enjoy Munich. Have a bier. Viel Spass ! (Have fun) https://youtu.be/u2fAVyGD9fM