Is it rude to be told off for yawning by a ... German?

In a fairly empty train I yawned. Several rows down this German put his hand over his mouth to presumably indicate I should be doing that. I wasn’t going to take that and spoke to him sharply and said a ‘nazi decendant is not to lecture any one on being rude! ‘ he went all red in the face so would I take that as him knowing he was in the wrong? Hey Been! . 1. he didn't yawn. he pointedly put his hand over his mouth while looking at me - telling me off non verbally. 2. Its in a German train (Nurnburg to Furth) and he looked very german.

Been There, Done That.

How is someone "telling you off" when they haven't said a word? Haven't you ever yawned after seeing someone ELSE yawn??? Maybe he was yawning because you did, and he had more manners than you. How did you know he was German? You made this story UP didn't you???


No, what YOU did was rude.

Orla C

You actually said that? Wow. So where WAS your mother if she wasn't there to bring you up?


Probably not but it could be seen as being rude not to cover face when opening mouth, yawn or not, in public. The guy probably went red in the face because he was REALLY ANNOYED.


kind of but what you said was rude too