Should i get rid of this possibly haunted doll?

about a year ago i went to a local thrift store near my house and when checking out i looked up and saw, lo and behold, a little victorian looking doll boy was sitting on the shelf in a section titled “rarities”. i asked the cashier how much it was and she took him down to reveal that he was only $6 ! he looked porcelain so this probably should’ve set me off, along with the fact that the price had been marked down starting at $35. i bought him and brought him home and he has been sitting on my shelf ever since (still in his box out of fear of breaking him). but recently i’ve started hanging out with my friends more, but i rarely have them over at my house because they refuse to enter my room because of this doll. i really like the doll but i’m not sure if i should sacrifice having friends over for it. what do i do ??


At $6 it is likely to be a new reproduction and not an original. There are no such things as haunted dolls. If it upsets your friends so much, cover it up when they are there.