A Honeymoon to Ireland?

It has been my dream to travel to Ireland and I would love it even more if we could accomplish this just after our big day. We would like to stay there for about a month. Ive done a bit of research, but I wanna get other peoples opinions that may have traveled to other countries before, unike me, haha. I assume it will be quite a bit of money, so dont be nice, just be honest! I love history in general but mostly want to visit because of my ancestral and religious ties there. Definitely wanna get as much ancient site seeing and beautiful scenery done as possible, not necessarily needing to be in any big cities, although please suggest anything. We would like to be in a small village, stay in a rural cottage. I need to know food, living, travel, airfare expenses.. anything you can provide would help tons! Thanks so much!!


I love all things Irish. Including my Irish born wife. However, if you are traveling from the US, that is one heck of a bill to fly and stay for a month. Plus, there is the very slim chance you won't like it. That would be thousands of dollars wasted. I suggest 2 weeks. Don't plan ahead unless you are anal about organization. Spend time in the country like the Dingle Peninsula. I recommend B&B's over hotels but there are a lot of great AirBnB. Join and do your research. We just got back from a November trip and weather was great. Cool and little rain, must have been blessed by the Celtic gods. The sights are fantastic and the people make it even better. Study their customs/habits so you fit in. I could give a lot of advice but not sure what all you want. Even try looking on YouTube. Just type in Ireland. Just let me know if you want more input.


I like the Irish people, very friendly. We stayed in bed and breakfast places mostly in the country, sometimes the meals were included. We rented a car and drove around, but be aware that the steering wheel is opposite that used in north America, and you drive on the opposite side of the road- can be confusing. Look at Irish car rental website for some suggestions on where to drive.

Orla C

A month? Pick a region, and find a place to stay there for a week. The towns are actually best if you don't want to cook, as lots of pubs now also do meals, and it's possible to get meals delivered in some places too. We don't really have big cities in Ireland aside from Dublin. The easiest way to get around is by car, and yes, we drive on the other side of the road, and the steering wheel is on the right of the car. Also, automatic cars are rare, but are available through car hire companies. Petrol is currently about €1.40 per litre, diesel is only slightly less expensive. Try and get yourself a hybrid if you can. There are motorways but the ways to the more interesting places are narrow and sometimes a little scary (twisty, on a steep hillside, wide enough for only one car, etc.) so if that makes you nervous, join a tour instead. Also, because most roads are not built for large amounts of fast traffic, you won't be able to drive all that far in a short period of time. But you're on holiday .... Otherwise invest in a travel guide book and read up on the country. Bear in mind the June, July and August are the high season and this means that the really popular sites like the Cliffs of Moher will be busy during the day. And don't come to Ireland expecting glorious weather - the only sure thing about the weather in Ireland is how unpredictable it is at any time of the year. Those 40 shades of green had to come from somewhere ....


Get a guide book, and figure out where in Ireland you actually want to visit. Then you'll be able to answer questions that can be answered.