Will things change in America too when monarchy changes hands to King Charles this winter ?



Why do you think the Queen is going to die this winter? She is 92 but her mother made it to 101. If the Queen was going to abdicate, she would have done so by now so she won't do that. There is a possibility that she will withdraw from all public duties but remain Queen with the Prince of Wales taking over her duties as the Prince Regent but Charles will not be King until the Queen dies. Whatever happens, how can it possibly affect the USA? Americans got rid of the monarchy more than 200 years ago.

Clo G.-B.

You need to change your reading material and gossip sources. The Queen is not abdicating, nor is she declaring a regency. She remains reigning monarch this winter, and as long as she lives. When the Queen dies and Charles becomes King. The change in monarchs does not change the relationship between the US and America and it certainly doesn't change how America is run---we have to impeach and remove the present administration for changes to take place this winter, otherwise, wait for the election.


Stupid people ask stupid questions.


lol yes because the revolutionary war never happened. It was just a script hollywood came up with 50 years ago. We've actually secretly been under British rule for the past 240 years.

Baron Clownish

Yes - King Charles will not give legitimacy to 45 by meeting him. He may even advocate regime change - something we have done before to relieve friendly nations (e.g. Iraq and Afghanistan) of their ideologue dictators.