Why is that damned fool Prince Philip back behind the wheel of a car?

Does he have a death wish and want to take innocent others out with him in another RTA? Has he not learned his lesson? Does he think his privileged position allows him to put others in danger? https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-46933739

Clo G.-B.

It has not been determined whose fault the accident was; it is a human failing to be too quick to judge without having all of the facts. Philip is stubborn and he wishes to be independent and drive himself---he was driving on the private estate, and not the public road, though, something he may want to continue doing. It would be better for him to use the drivers available to him when he wishes to travel on public roads.


Read what it says in the story you quoted. Pictures in the Daily Mail and The Sun are said to show Prince Philip, 97, driving alone on the Sandringham estate .So it was on private land and he wasn't putting any other road users in danger.


He has a drivers licence. Old people are subject to annual driving tests to see that they are still competent drivers. Part of the test is a vision test so if he can see clearly and demonstrate he is capable of driving, his licence is renewed. He might well decide that he should not be driving any more but that is up to him. If you are going to take people's licences away for one accident, there are going to be a lot of people off the road.


It would appear that he thinks he's above the laws of this country. Being back behind the wheel of the car may be OK if he STAYS ON PRIVATE LAND. I have no idea where he was when seen not wearing his seat belt - he'd not be required to unless he's driving on public roads. I'm assuming he was when he had the crash or he may well not have survived.

Baron Clownish

Sir Prince Philip has no wish to kill innocent people; he simply doesn't care if he does.

Sir Prince Kenny

Because he is an arrogant, cantankerous and uncaring person. He drives because HE wants to drive and woe betide the person who tries to stop him.


He has a total disregard for other road users. He should be charged with not wearing a seat belt like anybody else would be and that's besides the charge he should face for yesterday's crash. He's a menace and should be banned immediately before he kills somebody. The senile old fool needs to be off the roads once and for all.


Apparently not even wearing a seat belt. This man has problems, he is a menace to other road users. he needs to be stopped.