Is it possible for an American Irish to pass as off the boat Irish?

I went to get a job with the Irish, i'm irish american but put on an galway accent, do you think i'd be able to get away with acting as I'm from ireland or will i slip up and show the american side??? i'm acting as if I'm off the boat because you get treated better by americans then if you were american thanks


Pretending to be someone you are not will not end good. You need a heck of a lot more than an accent. A job? In Ireland? You can't. Unless you have an aerospace engineering degree or the ability to fluidly translate English language to Gaelic.


No, your American arrogance and overpowering stench will give the game away.


No they'll think you're Mexican.


Not likely. Why be an idiot?

Orla C

So you want to fake it? You do realise that as soon as you meet an Irish person - someone from Ireland - you'll be outed?