What are the main problems in Ireland right now and what are their solutions?

Please reply with stuff I don't know anything about Ireland and need this for a essay


The fact the island is still partitioned is a great concern, Brexit is also a issue, although we have done quite well on that one. Ireland also has a major hospital, homeless and housing crisis.


Mass immigration by third world illiterates who will never be any use to anyone, except for raping your children. They will drain the country's resources, causing widespread poverty among the working class, that's the price the Irish people are paying for being members of the EU.




You need to do your research on and about Brexit. This is a very big thing. How are we supposed to know what you do not know?

Guru Hank

They are not quite sure how they should handle the EU's rules on asylum, immigration etc.

Orla C

Right now a lot of businesses are worried about how Brexit with affect them and the quality of food that will come from the UK.