Are women grateful to men for everything they've done for the world?

I mean men invented and developed everything in the world. If men didn't do anything, women would still be living in grass huts (Camille Paglia). Yeah yeah I know they gave birth and all but that's just nature, without men women couldn't reproduce anyway. I'm talking about their contributions in terms of how men have throughout history (inventions, development, discoveries, etc).


Are you grateful to the woman that gave your ungrateful behind life? If it wasn’t for her you wouldn’t be here typing on your computer. Now go back to your bridge, Mr. Troll


Only individuals can be grateful for what other individuals do.


Are men grateful for the endless hard work, women have done all their lives?

Dont Call Me Dude

Here I go spending all this time and effort arguing with feminoid anti-male bigots that there is no oil drum labeled "male collective identity" to dump all their NEGATIVE sexist stereotypes into, and hold against all men, and then YOU go whining about POSITIVE sexist stereotypes. [Slaps you across the back of the head so hard that your teeth click shut] What the frack is WRONG with you, boy? Plain old "we're just regular people, neither gods nor demons" ain't good enough for ya?


No, they are not grateful.


they had the men as babies mugwump