Why did the Royals knight Jimmy Savile, Rolf Harris and Edward Heath?


Sir Prince Kenny

Blame the government in power at the time, she only whacks them on the shoulder with a sword. Proof, if ever it was needed, that there is no god, otherwise the blade would have slipped!


The government chose them but doing the ceremonial bit is in the Royals' job descriptions. Margaret Thatcher did her utmost to get Jimmy Saville a knighthood. Thatcher also had a well-known pederast, Sir Peter Morrison, as an aide. Edward Heath's accuser Carl Beech, aka 'Nick, is to stand trial for perverting the course of justice for making false allegations about public figures.

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On recommendation of the government of the day. Blame them.


Er... Edward Heath, despite Veale spending millions on the investigation, nothing was found to support the accusation.

Jas B

Because their crimes were not known at the time.


Because the royals don't pick who gets knighted. They just do the job. Potential candidates for knighthoods are put forward by individuals who think that someone has done enough to deserve one. For some people, like Edward Heath, duty done for one's country is quite obvious, and I should also point out that, in his case, he has only been the subject of rumours, but there was never a trial or conviction. Harris was recommended for a knighthood on the grounds of his services to entertainment and Jimmy Savile for the enormous amount of money he raised for charity. A panel considers those put forward and the Queen simply signs them off to receive the knighthood and she, or a royal on her behalf carries out the ceremony. What IS despicable is that so many people in other influential places knew much better than the royals what two of these three people were definitely up to, and chose to keep quiet about it. Now all claiming they either didn't know, or did, but that no-one would listen to them.


They do not decide who is Knighted.

Clo G.-B.

These people were nominated for the honor and chosen by the Honour's Committee, not by any royal. Not much was known about these men's wrong-doings.


1) 'The Royals' don't knight anybody 2) Rolf Harris was not knighted 3) The honours and awards are decided by a committee, made up of civil servants and the politicians put a lot of the names forward. Certain public offices guarantee you a knighthood or similar. Having been Prime Minister is one of them.

DGH is back !

In the case of Rolf Harris HM has removed his MBE in Britain and Australia. Saville is dead of course and Ted Heath was never charged with anything.


Because their names were on a list. The Royals don't get the choice in anything. They're just ceremonial figures that do what they're told in exchange for a life of luxury.


The Royals do not decide who get's Knighted or any of the Honours - it's a recommendation from government. Jimmy Savile cannot be stripped of knighthood, say officials. Those calling for the late Sir Jimmy Savile to be stripped of his knighthood, including the Sun, may well be wasting their time, as the Cabinet Office has revealed that individuals cease to hold the honour after they die.9 Oct 2012 And if you want to blame anyone for Savilles knighthood - blame the evil Witch Thatcheriteist - she was the one what dunnit. Her corpse will be lifted out of it's grave and burnt at the steak. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-23355531


Because they were approved by parliament, and there is nothing against edward heath


Because England is the paedophile capital of the world


Because the Royal Family are degenerates.