How much outrage would there have been if Virginia's governor was republican?

Yes, I'm talking about his KKK photo


If he were a Republican, We'd hear the usual Republican talking points : "Boys will be boys Political correctness is out of control ! What ever happened to freedom of speech ! The liberals want to ruin his life ! they are Nazis ! " Unlike the Democrats, who are urging him to resign.


Republicans would not have demanded he resign, like Democrats are doing. Ask their KKK Hero Steve King.


None, the media would have swept it under the rug as "boys will be boys" and the Republicans would try to do something to distract everyone's attention.

Big One 0909

OMG. The Gove would have to call the national Guard to get the Pitchfork Mob away from the Capitol,


I don't know, but it somehow would have been Trump's fault.

William: If Virginia's governor was a republican

If Virginia's governor was a republican: -he would've had his social media pages deleted -there would be constant riots and protests -death threats would come his way -the media would NOT defend him -Trump would be blamed


Racism, sexism and homphobia are only problems if it's conservatives doing it.


antifa would be out front of the capital beating people up.