I am looking for a high out put alternator for 2018 Chrysler 300 touring, I am installing an entire audio system?

I don’t know if I should buy a bigger alternator, I am running Skar PR2000.1D and alpine MRV-F300 and I am not sure if I should get a really good secondary battery or get a high out put alternator and swap out main battery


Does it have the 160A alt? If it does, that thing's super strong. Looks like they might have bumped up to 180 in recent years. Only if you blast it frequently would I be terribly concerned about the alternator -- at least to start with. I'd certainly get it installed first. See how it runs. You can always keep shopping for one if you think it's something you need to do. Might be tricky to find since it usually takes a few years before the aftermarket brands come up with a HO replacement. And for a 180A stock alt I wouldn't imagine there are that many people looking for an upgrade. My old 04 town and country has a 160A stock alt. I've been running around 1500w rms for about 90k miles (It now has 213k total) and that original alt is still kicking.


Most people run 2 alternators


So you re going to spend all that money on high end audio for an extremely low acoustic setting? I can t understand why anyone would put scads of money into all that audio when an automobile is acoustically the worst place in the world. If I want to listen to really good sound I want the acoustics to at least be as good as the audio.