Who is the royal veterinarian?

How often does the veterinarian have to clean Camilla’s teeth and rid her of fleas

Clo G.-B.

This question really isn't about the veterinarian of the Queen's animals, but an insulting anti-royal rant against Camilla. Camilla is a human being who sees doctors and dentists to care for her health. There are many veterinarians in service to the Queen's animals--her pets, horses, livestock.

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https://evoke.ie/2018/05/19/showbiz/gossip/supervet-noel-fitzpatrick-royal-wedding Just one of the vets used by at least one of the RF Ignoring the obvious trolling in this question!!


Never you idiot. Contrary to what you or any of the other trolls on here think Camilla is a human being not a horse


Dr Mengele and he's busy now with Harry's chimp.


there are more than one, there's one for the big animals, like horses....just giving them enough "get up and go " not to be detected, and one for the little animals ( im not referring to Harry ) like wabbits and amsters, as George can eat more than two at any one sitting. Ive heard there's even one for Prince Andrew who loves snakes, and is it true that owners take on the personality of their pets??

pit bulls bite



That old fleabag Rottweiler, Cruella Parker-Bowles, likely has the same vet as the queen’s corgis