Are Mexicans distantly related to Iranian people?



if you go back far enough, we're ALL related .........................................

extreme weeb

All peoples are distantly related to all other peoples. It's kind of a meaningless question. You need to be specific on "how distant".

Justin Thyme

Humans evolved in Africa, like it or not we are all related.


Dont matter.

Hombre Sin Nombre AKA Oggmeista

if you havn't noticed everyone is related to everyone else distant or otherwise... so the answer is a pretty obvious yes.. offtopic, looks like the spambot has been destroyed.. :-) edit: spoke too soon...

American Noodle

No but the stories are similar ........... Alexander the Great forced his 35,000 men to marry and rape the sand women ...... napoleon dynamite thought the natives were just sosoooooo ugly he forced his soldiers to rape Mexico = cool looking Mexicans


No, but some have Moroccan and Arab DNA from the Muslim conquest of Spain.


Maybe the Mexicans' ancient ancestors had some connection with the Indo-Europeans before they migrated to the Americas, but we cannot be sure.

Ominous Cowherd

Yes. Also, Japanese people are distantly related to bananas. As are all of us.

Robert D

Yes. Just like all people of European origins.

Jas B


Former Liberal

Mexicans predominantly fall under the margid subrace. Iranians come under orientalid subrace. Orientalids are caucasoids but margids are amerindians, who are technically mongoloids. So to answer your question, no.


Mexicans were Smart enough to build Pyramids and mate with our Reptilian overlords. Though the second part was probably not by choice.. The Reptiles are still perfecting our genetics.


A lost tribe of Persians -- hence the ziggurats of Mexico

The Rightwing Conservative



Mexicans are only smart enough not to be Canadians.


No. If Mexicans were related to PERSIANS, many would be Muslims.