Is mexico going to pay for a wall,or not?





Ah, you mean the joke. There will be no wall, nobody is going to pay $100 million to Grumpy's construction cronies, the American public just isn't that stupid except for the vocal base who just can't seem to tie their own shoes. It is, and always was, fear mongering and nothing more.




If you did a fair and honest polling of people at random, you would probably be pretty shocked at how many people do not want this wall. Its environmentally devastating, it well not curb illegal immigration like people think it well, and honestly again the american people are not behind it. Its a very small number of people who simply think they will sleep better knowing its there. For the average Trump supporter, a photo shopped image for Trump to claim its built would be all they need.


Well they have to.




Maybe if we give them the money with a bonus on top of it. Or, we can be more effective putting up a wall on Mexico's southern border to block where the USA southern border immigrants are coming from. Of course, the majority of current new illegally staying people come in legally and just overstay their visit. Maybe be need walls at our airports.


Trump promised that would happen right? Is Trump honest? 1 + 1 = ?


Its our responsibility.

The Taxpayer

The American people want the wall built as a matter of national safety. Politicians don't. Politicians react to the demands of the lobbyists who fund their reelections. I like Trump. I mistrust Washington.