Does the queen have any eunuchs in her court?


Milk Tray Man

That's a very old thing, done maybe to keep singing voices high sometimes but now it would be barbarism, genital mutilation and boy singers are simply replaced and take a sabbatical, then they move to men's choirs when they have finished the rough stage of the voice breaking, all they would be good for at that stage would be yodelling.

Clo G.-B.

Not in this day and age.

Wally's not a Wally.

Just Phil the Greek

Guru Hank

Yes. Several of her ministers. There are any number on the privy council.

Sir Prince Kenny

No and I have irrefutable proof of this!


Yes, she keeps them on hand to draw the royal bath. They feel nothing at the sight of the lovely unclothed Queen, pity for them.


Several, only the non-active guy's of any interests though. He tends to keep.