Why are all of the jewels Prince Harry is giving his wife jewels Princess Diana only wore post-divorce?

Harry allegedly inherited everything that wasn't on loan from HM and a Tank watch William wanted. Do you think the Harry/William rift could be because William doesn't want Harry's wife being associated with Diana's iconic jewels? It's so karmic that Camilla can't wear Diana's state jewels n Megan can't wear anything worn often. Charles and the monstrously influential William are in charge of Harry's income, n'est-ce pas? Megan won't need too much at Frogmore, anyway. Wellies and a kerchief.


Because they are the ones he chose from the collection when dividing the inheritance with his brother. Camilla could wear state jewels that had, in the past been worn by Diana, and she probably has already. The monarch decides who can wear those. Neither Charles, nor William have any say in Harry’s personal income. Any sovereign grant monies allocated to The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, is at the discretion of The Queen.


How do you know that? Have you seen the receipts ? The boys divided her jewellery between them. And why does it matter?