Europe or Asia?

Which area would be easier for an American expat to move to ? Overall quality of life being able to adapt secure employment and live comfortably. Valencia Spain Jakarta,Indonesia Bali Indonesia Malaysia


Unless you're independently wealthy or retiring, it would be very difficult to get a work visa for countries in western Europe. It's a little easier in some countries in eastern Europe. The Asian places you mentioned have a lower cost of living, warm climates, and friendly people. I know people living in those places who love living there. You should certainly visit before you decide to move anywhere.


Stay in the US, otherwise, I recommend Singapore, Very safe and clean , English speaking (singlish), fabulous food. mixed society every one gets along.


Do speak any of the languages of these countries? Do you qualify for a work visa in any of these countries? You can probably rule Spain out; it's got fairly high unemployment.


One extremely important factor that you forgot to mention is the mind-boggling bureaucracy, red tape and simple bribery involved in getting a residential visa AND work permit for ANY of those countries (OK, maybe not Spain so much).


Wherever his job-skills are in short supply


There are fifty countries in Europe and forty eight in Asia. Why say "Europe or Asia" which gives you a choice of 98 countries and then specify one European country and two in Asia? "Europe or Asia" could just as easily be Norway or Nepal on that basis. If you are moving to somewhere offering secure employment, get your offer of secure employment and then move there.


Wherever his job-skills are in short supply


You'll get that lint out of your navel eventually.


If you are a White American, unless you have some great qualifications and languages I wouldnt even bother with any of the Asian destinations esp Jakarta and Bali. Malaysia would be O.K if you speak chinese but I dont see the interest in Valencia. Why not think about Australia or New Zealand?


I would go to Europe


Stay in the USA.