How long would it take to go from Lebanon to Mecca walking?



According to Google maps it will take you 553 hours, although the route they┬┤ve provided seems unnecessarily long =)


Chances are you'll get blown up on the way


You must think and count yourself that in one hour you can walk 6 km so you must know howe far from lEBANON TO MECCA .Lets say one day you can walk 10 hours or 60 km the rest for taking a rest including for meal and sleeping.

Corvus Blackthorne

I do not know. Perhaps you should check Google Maps.


Probably 40-60 days depending on where exactly you live in Lebanon and how much you walk daily. This is the average time it took walking from Lebanon to Mecca long ago during Hajj seasons.

Functionally Illiterate

Too long. Take the train.

Adullah M

Let us figure out this way , walking for four days during the day time you get around 100 KMS ,so the distance from Lebanon to Mecca is around 1200 Kms ,so it would take around 50 days. Try it for reality sake.


hey good question though


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